The following Terms and Conditions and the delivery and collection information page are deemed to be accepted by the Hirer upon payment of a deposit to Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire who will make the goods or services available to the Hirer.

  1. Definitions

goods means all goods, equipment, consumables, accessories and packing containers of whatever nature supplied by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire to the Hirer and hire of goods includes any services provided by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire in delivery, unpacking, installing and collection of goods;

GST means GST within the meaning of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax)

Act 1999 or any amending legislation;

Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire means Savmicam Pty Ltd t/as Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire

Hire Period means,

  1. For Customer or courier pick up, from when the goods leave Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire store until they return to Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire store; or
    1. For Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire Delivery, between arrival at delivery address to departure from same.
    1. Is for 1 (one) day only, unless specifically stated and agreed by Grandscene or stated in the quote/contract

Hirer means the person, firm or company, jointly and severally if more than one, hiring goods from Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire;

The Owner means Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire, its employees and agents;

Site means the site to which the goods are delivered;

Terms means these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

  • Basis of Contract
    • Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire and the

Hirer, these terms and conditions shall be the only terms and conditions on which

Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire will provide the goods and or services to the Hirer

  • These Terms are deemed to be accepted by the Hirer on payment of a booking deposit, on receipt by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire of a signed Booking Confirmation or a signed Purchase Order
    • The Terms apply exclusively to every contract for the hire of goods and supply of services by the Hirer from Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire and cannot be varied or replaced by any other terms without the prior written consent of Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire.
    • A written quote provided by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire to the Hirer regarding the proposed hire of goods is valid for 30 days and is an invitation only to the Customer to place an order based upon that quote. Any terms in Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s quote form part of the Terms of the Contract and if inconsistent will prevail.
    • If an order placed by the Customer is accepted by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire, Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire agrees to hire the goods to the Hirer for the Hire Period for use at the Site on these Terms.
    • Goods hired shall at all times remain the property of the Owner
  • Hire Charges and variation
    • A minimum hire charge of $100.00 applies for any order.
    • Amount quoted is for use of the goods for the period indicated. Each additional days use may incur an additional charge of a percentage of the daily hire rate.
    • Unless otherwise specified, any quotation assumes:
      • delivery, installation, removal and return of goods being provided during ordinary working hours;
      • delivery being made to street level;
      • grounds or floors being level and clear;
      • open access to grounds or floors
    • Any variation to the assumptions in clause 3.2 and 3.3 will incur further charges payable by the Hirer for additional equipment used, time spent or overtime rates by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire.
    • Prices for the hire of goods and services include GST.
    • Your hire period remains active until your products are returned to our warehouse for inspection by our team, if there are no additional charges to apply to your hire contract you will be issued a zero-balance invoice which releases you from the hire contract. In busy periods this can take up to 14 working days.  
  • Invoicing, payment and bonds
    • Payment for hire of goods and services must be made by:
      • 50% of the total quoted fee on ordering; and balance 35 days prior to delivery, or
      • if order placed less than 35 days from delivery, then payment in full is required to confirm the booking.
    • Payment must be made by cash, EFT, credit card or EFTPOS.
    • Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire requires a Security Bond for all hires. The Hirer agrees to provide Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire with the Hirers current credit card, expiry date and any other information which may be necessary to debit the Hirers credit card. Subsequent charges for loss, damage, repairs, extra time or other expenses will be debited from the Hirers credit card and an invoice with receipt issued. Cash Security Bonds may be accepted subject to Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire approval. Hires under $1000.00 incur a bond charge of $250.00, Hires over $1000.00 incur a BOND charge of $500.00, Hires over $3,000.00 incur a bond charge of $750.00. Bonds are preauthorisations on the provided credit card.
    • The Hirer agrees to pay any expenses incurred or loss suffered by the Owner as a result of breach by the Hirer of its obligations pursuant to these Terms (including legal and debt recovery costs)
    • The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Owner may pay a commission or other financial benefit to event organisers or like suppliers in connection with the hiring of the equipment by the Hirer.
  • Variation and Cancellation
    • If through circumstances beyond the control of Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire, Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire is unable to provide goods, then Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire may:
      • make changes to the goods provided that the end performance is not materially prejudiced; or
      • Cancel any order (even if it has already been accepted) by notice in writing.
    • The Hirer may cancel an order but will forfeit all deposits and/or payments made. For orders cancelled less than seven days prior to the event, the balance of the invoiced fee is due in full. 

For account orders cancelled less than 7 days prior to delivery a charge of 50% of the hire fee will be payable.

  • Delivery and collection 
    • The flat rate delivery fee charged on online orders is capped to 20 kms from our warehouse on sealed roads.
    • Goods will be delivered in a clean state. The Hirer is responsible to ensure any goods from which food or drinks are to be served are fit for use.
    • The Hirer must allow Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire servants, agents and insurers access to the goods at all reasonable times to deliver, install, remove, inspect, test, adjust, maintain, repair or replace them. The Hirer is responsible for providing safe and proper access to and at the Site. The Hirer is liable for all injury, loss or damage suffered by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire, its employees or agents while at the Site.
    • The Hirer must make the goods available for collection by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire at the end of the Hire Period packed in their respective containers and crates in a complete, clean and dry state, otherwise additional charges will apply.
    • Delivery quoted is to the front of the property. Upstairs delivery (being more than 4 steps) incurs a $500.00 charge. Two staff are required for an upstairs delivery failure to advise Grandscene of an upstairs delivery when quoted will incur further charges after the event and will be debited from the hirer bond payment. 
    • Delivery charged are calculated on Monday to Friday business hour operations, deliveries outside of these hours will incur a surcharge. Products added to a first quote may incur an additional delivery charge if two separate vehicles or trips are required. 

Sunday surcharge will be charged FROM $250.00 ($250.00 based on 20 chairs) depending on quantities, time required, and staff required. 

  • Midnight bump outs / pick ups will be charged FROM $250.00 ($250.00 based on 20 chairs) depending on products, quantities, time required, and staff required. 
    • Someone to be present for signing of hire products. If client is unavailable to sign Grandscene will:  
      • leave the items in a secure undercover location/venue
      • will take photos of delivery at location/venue and this will be considered receipt of delivery and signature will not be required from client/venue
    • Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s count and decision as to condition of goods prior to despatch and on return shall be final.
    • Goods must be returned clean and in the same condition they were received. We do re-wash all goods to ensure that they meet our stringent quality standards, but goods returned dirty may incur a cleaning charge.
    • The exception to this is our glassware, which must have all the liquid tipped out and be placed upright for their return to prevent any damage to the box. If the glassware has held any food, cream/ milk or sugar syrup you will be required to wash them, or a fee will be incurred.  
    • Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire will liaise with venues on hirer behalf however, all deliveries and pickups will still be the responsibility of the hirer. In the event the venue cannot provide access as discussed/as previously done or specific time frames, additions charges will apply.  
    • If the hirer chooses to host a function outside and if the weather forecast suggests rain then Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire have the right to cancel a delivery. We always ask for a backup plan (being in a secure undercover location). Extra charges may apply. 
  • Responsibility of Hirer
    • The Hirer bears all risk in the goods for the Hire Period, including the Hirers ability or competence to use the equipment hired.
    • During the Hire Period, the Hirer is responsible for:
      • safekeeping of the goods during the Hire Period;
      • using of the goods in strict conformity with the goods instructions or specifications;
      • not using pigmented streamers or decorations within or near any marquee hired;
      • ensuring that the goods are not moved from the Site, unless in an emergency and Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire is advised immediately afterwards; e. complying with all relevant laws, by-laws and regulations applicable to the installation, use and operation of the goods;
      • protecting the goods against soilage, damage, fire, tempest, flood, theft, distress or seizure;
      • using only fuel, power and consumables specified by Grandscene Wedding &

Event Hire; and

  • ensuring that the goods are not operated for any purpose beyond their rated capacity or in a manner likely to result in undue wear; and
    • In the event equipment breaks down or becomes unsafe, ensuring appropriate steps are taken to prevent injuries to persons and to prevent the equipment sustaining further damage.
  • Damage Waiver
    • Subject to clause 7, if the Hirer pays the Damage Waiver fee, Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire agrees to waive its rights for costs incurred due the normal wear and tear or theft of the equipment.
    • Damage waiver will not apply and the Hirer remains liable where:
      • the Hirer has not promptly submitted a written report (and in the case of theft, a copy of the police report) relating to the damaged or missing goods;
      • the Hirer has not taken reasonable precautions to safeguard the goods;
      • the Hirer has not complied with clause 7 of the Terms;
      • accessories or packaging are lost or damaged;
      • goods have been carried or used over water;
      • damage to marquees, tarpaulins, walling or other hired goods has been caused by pigmented colours, heaters, catering equipment, candle wax, or catering odours and fats.
      • damage to goods has been caused by graffiti or vandalism.
      • damage to chairs has been caused by people standing on the chairs.
  • Insurance

9.1The Hirer will maintain at its own expense all appropriate policies of insurance

  1. for loss of or damage to the equipment hired
    1. for liability, property and casualty insurance coverage in amounts necessary to protect the owner and its staff and agents against any claims
  2. Breakdown or defect
    1. The Hirer must inspect all goods on receipt and notify Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire of any shortages or damages within 1 (one) hour of delivery. Any shortages not notified within this time will be charged for in full.
    1. Breakdowns or defects in the goods resulting from:
      1. proper and ordinary use; or
      1. the development of an inherent fault or a fault not ascertainable prior to start of the Hire Period; may, at Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s option, either be repaired or the goods replaced at Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s expense.
    1. If repair is impracticable and if replacement goods are not available, the proportional charge for broken or defective goods will be credited to the Hirer and Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire will not have any other liability whatever to the Hirer.
    1. No relief from hire charges nor any claims will be allowed by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire:
      1. for stoppages or damages due to causes out of Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s control including, without limitation, breakdowns, bad weather or site conditions; or
      1. the Hirer not informing Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire of the defect or breakdown immediately it occurs.
    1. The Hirer must not try to effect any repairs on the goods.
  3. Default and Termination
    1. If the Hirer:
      1. breaches any term of the Terms;
      1. is an individual and becomes bankrupt or enters into any scheme of arrangement or composition for the benefit of his or her creditors;
      1. is a corporation and becomes insolvent or enters into any scheme of arrangement, any assignment or composition with or for the benefit of its creditors, has as a liquidator, administrator, receiver or manager appointed, or any action is taken for winding up or dissolution; then Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire may, without prejudice to any other remedy available to it:
        1. require immediate payment of all money which would become payable by the Hirer to Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire at a later date on any account, without further notice;
        1. charge the Customer interest on any sum due at the prevailing rate pursuant to the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic) plus 4 per cent for the period from the due date until the date of payment in full;
        1. charge the Hirer for, and the Hirer must indemnify Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire from, all costs and expenses (including without limitation all legal costs and expenses) incurred by it resulting from the default or in taking action to enforce compliance with the Terms or to recover the goods;
        1. charge the Hirer for the cost of repairing or replacing any lost, damaged or destroyed goods;
        1. charge the Hirer for subsequent lost hire charges as a result of the goods being lost, damaged or destroyed until the goods are repaired or replaced;
        1. claim damages from Hirer for breach of the Hire Contract; and/or
        1. cease or suspend for such period as Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire thinks fit, supply of any further goods to the Hirer.

On termination, the Hirer must immediately make the goods available for collection. If the Hirer does not, Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire is entitled to enter any land and or premises of the Hirer where the goods are suspected to be to repossess the goods. Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire will not be liable for any damage caused and the Hirer must indemnify Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire from any liability to it or any third party in respect of any damage, demands, proceedings, costs and expenses howsoever arising.

  1. Limitation and exclusion
    1. Except as specifically set out in the Terms, any term, condition or warranty in respect of the quality, fitness for purpose, condition, description, assembly, manufacture, design or performance of the goods, whether implied by statute, common law, trade usage, custom or otherwise, is hereby expressly excluded.
    1. Replacement or repair of the goods is the absolute limit of Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire liability howsoever arising under the Terms or from the use of or any other dealings with the goods by the Hirer or an third party.
    1. Force Majeure – If Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire is unable at any time to perform any of its obligations whether wholly or partly by reason of any cause beyond its control (including without limitation, acts of God, inclement weather, strikes, lockouts, fires, riots, civil commotion or unrest, interference by civil or military authorities or act of war) Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire may give written notice to that effect to the Hirer, giving full particulars of such force majeure in which case the obligations of the Hirer under this contract shall, to the extent that they are affected by the force majeure, be suspended during the term of the Force Majeure. Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the Hirer or any third party, howsoever caused, including but not limited to loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill or any liability to any other party for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer as a result of any delays caused by such force majeure events.
    1. Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer where Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire has failed to meet any delivery date or varies, cancels or suspends the supply of the goods.
    1. Nothing in the Terms is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying or having the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying the application of any State or Federal legislation applicable to the sale of goods or supply of services which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.
  2. Miscellaneous
    1. The law of Victoria from time to time governs the Terms and the parties agree to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, the Federal Court of Australia, and of courts entitled to hear appeals from those courts.
    1. Failure by Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire to enforce any of these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of any of Grandscene Wedding & Event Hire’s rights.
    1. If any term is unenforceable it shall be read down so as to be enforceable or, if it cannot be so read down, the term shall be severed from these Terms without affecting the enforceability of the remaining terms
  3. Release and Indemnity
    1. The Hirer hereby releases the Owner from, and agrees to indemnify the Owner in respect of any third party claims, actions, suits, demands, costs and expenses for damage or injury to person or property arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of the Equipment by the Hirer.
  4. Hirer Bound
    1. The Hirer shall be bound by these Conditions whether signed by the Hirer or his agents, employees, servants, representatives or contractors