Throne Chairs
Its your event and you want to be comfortable, looking stylish, then there is no better way to do this than with the Throne Chairs. Also known as the His and Her Chairs. Whichever name you prefer the meaning is the same, a chair that you and your newlywed partner can sit at and be defined. THese throne chair hire will be sure to get the attention to the Bridal Table and the two-special people at that table.

Our hire range consists of different styles with our most popular Throne chair hire Perth product being our custom made White and Gold Throne Chair with its custom carving and deep gold tones surrounded by its high back these chairs will ensure that you are well defined on your special day. Our other Throne chairs available for hire in Wedding Furniture Range are our White Leather Chairs elegant and subtle.

The Style of Chair Hire you choose will depend on your theme and personality either way our throne chairs will be a great spot to rest those feet when the music stops.

These are Throne Chairs are available for Hire individually for photo shoots and video shoots as well as Santa chair hire as they truly are a impactful statement and a beautiful site.