Great question – this is not asked enough!

I’m going to give you the answer to this question right now, no not all wedding hire companies in Perth are the same.

Well how does a consumer identify these companies apart, without inside knowledge or connections in the wedding hire industries in Perth?

The first thing that all consumer’s no matter what purchase they’re are making is ask a few important questions.

  • Is the company reputable?
  • Does the company have a business address?
  • What kind of company structure are they does it have a structure or is it just a side hustle ?
  • Who are the business owners?
  • What assurances or guarantees are there?
  • Does the business have the correct insurance’s?

To answer these questions, i have briefly dot pointed the answers below.

  • You should read reviews online via Google Business Pages, Facebook reviews to get a general consensus of the companies reputation and performance.
  • We all know how to find an address but Google is another great start here, most reputable business have extensive amount of information on the internet and nothing to hide, especially an address.
  • Structure? This could be a little tricky but a little google of the companies ABN would tell your there structure.  It’s either a small business (sole trader) or a larger organisation (Pty Ltd).
  • To determine whether it is a side hustle, you could make contact with the business during normal business hours, book an appointment mid week.
  • A wedding hire companies in Perth with extensive policies around product hire and terms and conditions of the hire is likely to be a company that is offering assurances through policy. Putting detail into ensuring the policies are there would also suggest this company is making the hirer aware of their obligations.
  • Want to know that a company has insurance request a copy of there Certificate of Insurance.